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War of the Immortals 1.21

War of the Immortals is a fantasy online role playing game
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Perfect World Entertainment Inc.

War of the Immortals is a fantasy online role playing game. The developer, Perfect World, is known for making epic games mostly with anime inspired artwork, however, in this one they really outdid themselves. The action is set in a world based on some legends you might be familiar with, like Valhalla where you will battle Valkyries and unicorns, and Atlantis where you will be submerged under water.

When first entering the game I was greeted with a very delightful intro movie which, of course, raised my overall expectations from the game. After selecting the server and creating a new character though, my opinion changed a bit. The character creation has almost no features. You can browse between a few number of face presets, hairstyles and you can choose a date of birth. You do, however, have a good number of classes to choose from. Each class is different both in gameplay and design. When choosing a class you will see what your character might look like with high level armor, I have always enjoyed this feature in online games because you get to see what you could become.

Since no effort was put in by the developers to differentiate players with the character customization, it obviously was put in somewhere else, and that place is the artwork. It is amazing to see the giant axes and shiny armors, as well as a lot of highly animated spells. So War of the Immortals has a very nice artwork, however, the graphic engine is not that good so players who are used to newer games might not appreciate this one.

The gameplay is rather easy because you level very fast and there is also a quest helper of some sort. After receiving a quest you can just click on it in the quest log and your character will go on auto-pilot to the quest area or person. I understand the functionality of this feature but I have never liked it because this means that most people will never read quests, they will just grind mindlessly throughout the game and miss a nice part of the game, the story. I actually read quests and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality writing.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to play
  • Fast leveling
  • Nice artwork


  • Limited character customization
  • Outdated graphics
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